Rat der EU: Waste package – Council agrees its negotiating stance

On 19 May 2017, the Permanent Representatives Committee (Coreper) agreed on a negotiating mandate to start negotiations with the European Parliament on all four legislative proposals on waste, which are part of the Circular economy package submitted by the Commission on 3 December 2015. The four legislative proposals introduce additional measures to reduce waste generation, control waste management, boost recycling and cut resource use. They aim at bringing benefits to our economy, environment and health.

These new proposals amend six waste related legislation as follows:

  • Waste framework directive
  • Packaging waste directive
  • Landfill directive
  • Directive on electrical and electronic waste, on end-of-life vehicles; and on batteries and accumulators and waste batteries and accumulators

Today’s Council mandate is the result of intensive work and discussions on all four proposals during three Council Presidencies (NL, SK and MT). The Maltese Presidency has now obtained support to initiate talks with the European Parliament with a view to a possible first reading agreement. A first trilogue meeting is scheduled on 30 May.

Negotiations are expected to focus on a number of outstanding elements, including the definitions, the setting of binding targets and their calculation rules, end-of-waste criteria, extended producer responsibility schemes and waste prevention.


The European Commission presented a new revised circular economy package on 3 December 2015. It consists of four waste legislative proposals and an Action Plan in the form of a Commission Communication.

The action plan was discussed during the Competitiveness Council on 29 February 2016 and the Environment Council on 4 March 2016. Taking into account both discussions from an economic and environmental perspective, and following further discussions in the working group, the Council adopted conclusions on the plan in the Environment Council of 20 June 2016.

The Council has been intensively discussing the legislative proposals since the revised package was submitted with the aim of reaching a balanced compromise text.

At its plenary session last 14 March 2017, the European Parliament voted on a mandate to open negotiations with the Council.

Rat der EU, Pressemitteilung v. 19.05.2017

Redaktioneller Hinweis: Verbundene Meldungen (EU-Kreislaufwirtschaftspaket).